Hello and welcome back! The last two weeks I’ve been talking about spinning, but today I want to emphasize that even if you don’t try a spinning class, there are other things that you can do. For example: walking. which is a great exercise if you want to lose weight.

This modern life is way too sedentary for all of us. Sitting down for more than 9 hours a day is not healthy at all, especially when our bodies were designed to keep us moving.
In my particular case, it is frustratingly easy to gain weight if I don’t make the effort to eat healthy and/or exercise. Luckily, last year the company that I work for, fully sponsored a boot camp class. I guess that the HR department figured out we were all too fat and they needed to do something about it…lol.
The class was held two times a week for whoever wanted to sign up. The only condition was that if you signed up you had to show up otherwise you had to reimburse the cost of your participation. Fair enough I thought. Besides, it had the potential to become an enjoyable team building activity.

Our measurements and weight were taken at the beginning and once all the classes were over. There were going to be two winners: the person who lost the most weight and the person with the highest fat percentage lost.
Guess which one I won? The highest fat percentage lost! How did I do that? I kept moving! The week before the final measurements and weigh-in was done, I had gone on vacation with my hubby and we hiked, swam, and walked a lot. This is what did it for me! Mind you that I wasn’t trying to win, it just happened.
I understood right then that walking alone can be a great help when trying to lose weight. Because let me tell you that I was enjoying custards every night, and I was still able to lose some fat. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken my need to lose weight seriously at this point.

I was watching a documentary on tv, and I saw a Botero’s sculptures, all the sudden it occurred to me:  I was a breathing, walking, living Botero’s sculpture (As you can tell, I don’t take myself too seriously).
However, the reality that I’ve gained too much weight finally set in one day while I was standing in my closet and found out that nothing fit me anymore, not the pretty blouses, not the wonderfully tailored pants, not the girly dresses. I had to do something about it because I wasn’t about to go on a spending spree. It was time to take some action. The time had come for me to take my weight loss journey seriously.


This year, we have all received a free Fitbit from our company (I work for a wonderful company that manufactures medical devices. They do their best to keep us active and healthy).
I started using it three weeks ago and I have to tell you I am loving it! It has become a wonderful tool that constantly reminds me that I have to get moving!  It counts the calories burned, the steps taken and the distance I’ve walked each day.
There’s an app that you can download to your phone, and it allows you to set up challenges with your friends. We’ve done it with my coworkers, whoever walks the most during the week and weekends wins. Anything to keep ourselves motivated right?

Last Saturday on my Spinning class the instructor asked an important question: “When you don’t have the motivation anymore, what will keep you going?” -She immediately answered it herself: “DISCIPLINE! You only achieve your goals through discipline”. 
This is completely accurate and it can be applied to anything in life. While fighting to achieve a goal we will lose the motivation along the way, but that’s when discipline will be the only thing that will keep us going.
Up to now, I found my motivation hiding in the back of my closet.  Motivation is vital to achieve any goal. True to be told I’ve never been a disciplined person, therefore I have to find ways to keep myself motivated.  I decided to sign up for a 5k run at the end of March. Last year I ran the same run without any training whatsoever. In fact, the night before I was out celebrating one of my friend’s birthday. This year, I am training to improve my timing and my overall health.

So far, I have lost 10 pounds, and clothes are starting to fit much better, I am ecstatic about that but I have a long way to go! I am competing against myself and when my body does not want to go to the gym, I keep pushing myself. I am my one and only competition. I do not compete against anybody else because we are all different.

During January, our New Year’s resolutions are still freshly embedded in our minds. That’s the reason why I decided to do a healthy series for this month as a way to keep you and myself motivated to lose weight.  This is the last installment in my series, not the final one tough. Because I’ll continue to write about this journey throughout the year.

You can start exercising by walking or trying out a higher intensity workout such as spinning or running. Whatever you decide, remember that today:



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