Last week we discussed the benefits of spinning in the Peppy Life Blog (Link HERE).  Now that you’re intrigued and want to try your first spinning class, I want to give you a few tips before you jump onto the stationary bike.
I am not an expert on this by any means, so I am just going to talk about what I have personally experienced and what I’ve learned so far.

Here are my 10 tips to ease up your first spinning experience:

        1. WATER- Make sure to bring enough water you will need it. Spinning is an intense workout and you’ll sweat a lot, water is a must between songs and towards the end. Also, try to keep yourself hydrated after the class is over.
        2. BRING A TOWEL- Sweat will be dripping down your face so you’ll need a towel to dry up in between songs and at the end. If your gym provides them make sure to grab one before going to the class.
        3. ARRIVE EARLY- Make sure to arrive at least 10 or 15 minutes before the class starts. This way you’ll not only guarantee a seat for yourself but the instructor will have enough time to set up the bike properly for you and explain the correct form. Remember that a proper form is the key to a wonderful ride.
        4. SET UP- Learn the set up for your bike. Once the instructor has correctly set up your bike, ensure you learn what it is.  This includes the saddle height, the distance between the seat and the handlebars, and the height and distance for the handlebar itself.
        5. LOUD MUSIC-  Beware the music is loud. The instructors utilize music to motivate you but sometimes is too deafening. In some instances, I’ve seen some people used earplugs because the music is blaring all the way to the entrance of the gym. Depending on the instructor classes can be monotonous, and music helps out with the monotony.
        6. GO EASY-  My husband tried out spinning class with me one time, but he did his best to keep up with the instructor. That did not go well, he finished the class but was forever traumatized and did not want to go back ever again.
          So here’s my advice: If it is your first time go at your own pace, disregard what the instructor is screaming. Once you have a few classes under your belt you can start to try to go at the instructor’s pace.just keep pedaling
        7. SHORTS AND SHOES- Don’t buy them just yet. Try multiple classes before making the purchase. Some instructors make you stand up a lot, so you won’t really need the padded shorts. Even when I did spinning for years, I never got to buy the shoes. This time around I am considering it but I’ll have to make a research on them before making the commitment.
          Once you decided that spinning is the group class for you, then is a good time to make the purchases.
        8. DIFFERENT INSTRUCTORS-  Try different instructors because each instructor has his/her own style when it comes to running the class. You will find the one that you like with just the right music and attitude. I am currently in the process of finding the right one for me. The one on Saturday’s morning is a perfect fit. She reminds me of the first instructor I ever had, the one that made me fell in love with indoor cycling. The right music and always trying to push you more. You always get a good workout with this type of instructors.
        9. CLOCK- Do not look at the clock! Everybody can think that a minute goes by really fast until they hit the spin class. Even me, a seasoned spinner will catch myself looking at the clock on the wall, while the clock stares back at me refusing to move.
          That’s when I decide to focus on the music, focus on the workout, focus on the instructor or my neighbor. I try to concentrate on something else other than the clock and the class is over before I know it. My recommendation to you is: completely ignore the clock!
        10. STRETCH- It’s finally over and you didn’t die in spin class. Now do not run out of class without stretching. You need to stretch and cool down the muscles. This is really important for any type of exercise that you practice. Many instructors also recommend that if you have the time to make additional stretching after the class.

Indoor cycling studios are the rage right now. I haven’t had the opportunity to try one just yet but I am planning to in the near future. I’ll report back on the experience but from what I’ve heard so far these dedicated studios are raising the bar when it comes to the quality and experience in these group classes.

You should give the spinning class a try. An ex-boss that I had, told me she did not like spinning. Her reasoning was that she couldn’t be sitting down for an hour doing nothing. The reality is that in spinning you’re never sitting down doing nothing trust me. But someone who never tried a spinning class couldn’t know this.
Lastly, remember that a one hour class is only 4% of your entire day. So no excuses! If I can make it, you too can make it and at the end of that one hour we can both say:



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