Last week I talked about how much I enjoy the spinning classes at my gym (link HERE), but I realized that I didn’t discuss with you all the benefits of spinning or why I love it so much. So this week,  I’ll discuss it with you and who knows? Maybe I can motivate you to join a class.

Here’s my list of  10 benefits of Spinning:

    1. RELEASES ENDORPHIN – Any type of high-intensity exercise will release a chemical in your brain called: Endorphin. Basically, these are happy hormones. This is the reason that you’ll be happy once the spinning class is over. These hormones also help to reduce anxiety,  reduce pain, improve sleep amongst other things.
    2. STRESS RELIEVER- A Spinning class is a wonderful stress reliever even more than other exercises, this is because of its high intensity.  I can testify to this, as it has helped me to reduce my own stress levels. You can also meet people and socialize, which help to reduce the stress levels. I’ve met many cool people in these classes. Even though you can’t really talk during the class (either because the music is too loud or you’re completely out of breath) you have plenty of time for small talk before or after the class is finished. Whenever I have a bad day at work, I know I can count on my 6pm spinning class to make me feel better.
    3. STRENGTHENS YOUR CORE AND BACK- The spin class will have workouts such as hill climbs. Basically, you put the resistance all the way up as you continue to pedal in a standing position. This type of workouts helps to strengthen your torso. I even feel like I have a better posture nowadays.
    4. TONED QUADS AND BUMS- You want to have toned, sexy legs? You better start spinning! Cyclists have great legs, this is a fact. Your quads and hamstrings are one of the largest muscles groups in your body. In working them out, you’re transforming your body into an efficient fat burning machine. This takes me to the next benefit:
    5. FAT BURNER- A 1-hour spin class can burn somewhere between 500-600 calories. It all depends on how intense you make your workout. As one of my instructors always says: “You get out what you put in”.
    6. FLEXIBLE JOINTS-  Indoor cycling is a low impact exercise, and it helps to keep the hip flexor and knee joints properly lubricated. You can reap all the benefits of a high-intensity workout without putting pressure on your knees and joints. What else could you ask for? SP_SpinMan_Wordmark_Stack_Blk
    7. HEALTHY HEART- The heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. The British Heart Foundation has stated that spinning or cycling on regular basis can cut the risk of heart disease by half. That’s a whole lot! Just for doing something you should be doing anyway: Exercising!
    8. SHAKE UP YOUR SYSTEM- Spinning will not only fortify your heart but your circulation system to bring more oxygen throughout your body. Which in turn will also increase your lungs capacity. Meaning eventually you won’t be gasping for air after a one minute run.
    9. IMMUNE SYSTEM- It’s been scientifically proven that regular exercise helps strengthen your immune system. I suffer from allergies, and I have noticed an improvement now that I am cycling on regular basis. Currently, it is the cold and flu season and here I am pretty healthy and able to keep pedaling myself to a much stronger immune system.
    10. YEAR ROUND- Since the spinning classes are taught indoors, you can attend them all year around. It could be raining, snowing or boiling hot outside ….it does not matter because there’s no excuse to not attend an indoor class!

I hope that these 10 benefits motivate you to try a spinning class today! I promise that you won’t regret it!!


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