Happy New Year 2018!!! I am so excited for this new year that is starting out, we already have tons of plans and intoxicating news, so I am absolutely looking forward to 2018. You know what they say: 365 brand new opportunities, such a cliché! but it is true.

As this year is starting, it’s time to make the new year’s resolutions! Before I start with my own list for this year, I want to recount my short list from last year. (You can find more details HERE). 

Last year I wanted to keep it simple so I had just 3 goals in mind:

The first one was to read more: I had planned to read at least 2 books per month. So in a whole year, I was supposed to read 24 books. Well, I read a total of 28 books, I officially exceeded my goal. Among these 28 books, there were some that I loved, some that I hated and some that I finished out of a sheer commitment to my goal.  I read classics, best sellers, memoirs, ordinary as well as Nobel prize in literature winner novels, and also Christian living books. See picture below for titles and author’s name. This picture is only missing one book that a coworker forced me to read. I’ve given it back to her since then.
This goal has helped me understand better which are the books that I really enjoy reading, what writing style I prefer and which ones are the ones that I don’t care about.
For 2018, I decided to make it a bit more challenging. The goal will be to read 3 books a month. Another plan is to finish reading the Gossip Girl series, which has 13 or 14 books in total. I’ve only read 5 out of the whole series.

20171230_202327-002The second goal of 2017 was to lose some weight. This one I kind of achieved it and kind of didn’t. Let me explain, in the middle of the year I gained some more pounds, towards September I decided that it was time to honor my resolution. So I decided to join the gym and I went back to my favorite group class: Spinning or indoor cycling.
Thanks to this intense cardio, I shed some pounds and ended the year with the same weight that I started with. I think this year will be easier to attain this resolution, especially because I am already a gym member and I will put my membership fees to good use.


The last resolution of 2017 was to travel more. I’m going to say it right now: this is the goal that I didn’t achieve. Due to out of my control circumstances, we didn’t get to travel to as many countries as I would of like. Regardless, I did get to travel. Here’s the list of places that I visited in 2017:
1. Chiapas (Mexico)
2. Napa Valley, California (US)
3. Washington D.C. (US)
4. Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
5. Puebla (Mexico)
6. San Salvador (El Salvador)

A lot of places in Mexico? Yes, Mexico is a close by and affordable destination. Not to forget the wonderful people and tons of beautiful places to visit. We’ve visited it so many times but we still have a running list of places that we’d like to set our feet on.

Anyways, for 2018 I will keep the same three resolutions as for 2017. Now tell me what are your resolutions for 2018? Are you keeping a short and sweet list or is it a long list of specific items? How will you keep yourself motivated to perseverate?

Happy 2018! 


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