In the last two years, I have visited Washington D.C. twice, but it doesn’t matter how many times we visit there’s never enough time to see it all.  There are tons of museums, iconic statutes, and a beautiful amalgam of architecture in a cosmopolitan city where you can find people from every corner of the world.
As Always, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

There’s so much to do and see in DC that even if you spent a whole month in there I don’t think you’ll see all. But if you get a chance to go even for a few days you should. This is a city that has been featured in countless Holywood films, and that alone is a reason to visit.

Our visit was last May and unfortunately, we missed the blooming cherries for a few days :(. Make sure you plan your trip with this in consideration, I heard the blooming cherries are a sight not to be missed.

A friend of mine moved here a few years ago, so this trip presented the opportunity not only of catching up with her but also understanding the main differences between the city where we currently reside and Washington D.C.

During the summers months herds of tourists from all over the world take over this iconic city. You will share the museums with kids in field trips from multiple schools across the United States.

It looks like traffic has gotten worse lately as you can observe on one of the pictures above. Walking is a good solution to avoid the traffic jams. However, during the summer months, the city is extremely humid. This humidity intensifies the already hot temperatures. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes and clothes, plenty of water and sunscreen. Bring an umbrella also because the sun is brutal.

The African American History Museum is a new building with an interesting architecture. Its photograph is the top left corner below. The entrance is free of charge but you have to get the tickets in advance.

One afternoon we got lucky and it showered a little bit in Washington D.C. and I said  “lucky” because without this storm that came out of nowhere I would not have been able to capture this magical photograph. This  is my favorite from the whole trip.


Anyways, I hope this little taste of Washington D.C. encourages you to travel and explore this wonderful city.


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