Every year many people sit down with paper and pen in hand to write down their new year’s resolutions. In some cases they type it and archive it in their hard drive.
I stopped documenting new year’s resolutions a long time ago. I was never able to achieve them and after three months I had already forgotten all about them.
As I was deciding on whether I should have New Year’s Resolutions or not, I asked my dad what his resolutions were for this year and his answer was: “I don’t do resolutions! Each year I tried to do the best I can”.  I think that’s a resolution on its own and a very good one if you asked me.
My husband doesn’t do resolutions either, but this year I know he has one goal in mind: complete his masters degree. Only one more semester to go!

This year I chose three resolutions, and to have myself accountable at the end of the year for my list. In order to be effective, I decided two things: 1. Publish them in the Peppy Life and  2. Keep my list short and sweet.

  1. Read more: In 2016 I read a total of 7 and ½ books. Where did that half come from? I only read half of the text book for my creative writing class. Somehow, I still manage to get a solid A. In 2017 I hope to double that number to 15 or 16 books.
    Below is what I read during 2016; I know,  I know Gossip Girl? But I was a big fan of the TV series. It’s my guilty pleasure so don’t judge me. There are 12 books in the novel series, plus a prequel. So I have ten more books to go.     img_5631-001
  2. Lose some weight: Thanks to my sedentary life I won some extra pounds in 2016, it’s time to shed them off. I am thinking on some cardio; spinning was my favorite class in the gym.  Maybe I’ll even go back to play soccer. We’ll see.
  3. Travel more: Last year we visited a total of 5 countries. Not sure if we can double that number but I will try to increase it. So get your passports ready because you are all coming with me!

Now tell me what are your resolutions for 2017?  but more importantly: how will you hold yourself accountable for achieving them?



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