Well, I am back. That was a fast trip, I didn’t even have time to post on the blog. As soon as I came back, I got the flu. And I had to prepare for the final in my creative writing class…I know excuses excuses!! I was there just for 5 days but I got to do a lot of things. Unfortunately, very few things were touristy.  So I’ll show you what I can from my country. Don’t forget to click on the images to make them bigger.

The very first day I went back to my little town: Zacatecoluca. It has the title of city and it is the capital of the state, but it’s a small place that I always considered a town. Located only 60 Km (37 miles) away from the capital city, at the feet of the Chinchontepeq volcano. My aunt, grandmother and I, visited my grandfather in the cemetery. Then we headed to my childhood home, we visited the city’s white washed cathedral. We had lunch at Pollo Campero (I told you this was a must) We went food shopping in the local market.

The adventures of the next days included: breakfasts, lunch and dinners with different family members as well as with friends.
I had many Arrayan nieves! This is another must for me. Arrayan is mirtle fruit and it has a bitter flavor. A nieve is like ice cream but is made with real fruit juice and water instead of milk. I usually get them at a place called Pops. They also had something called: Mangonada, which is made of different nieve flavors: green mango, tamarind, lemon and arrayan and they put some sauces on it…it’s mouthwatering!

I went to an event in UCA, this is the Jesuit university that my parents attended. The Jesuits have a commitment to social justice that is admirable. The event was a conference with all the victims and survivors of the civil war in El Salvador. Many people are still looking for justice and for their family members. Many of whom were forcibly disappeared by death squads during the 12 years of war. It’s troubling that justice is yet to be served.

I drove in San Salvador, some said that this was a suicidal mission but it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I think people are driving better nowadays…or maybe I have become a more aggressive driver…who knows!

Here’s a fun fact: Salvadorans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving day but they have Black Friday and even Black Weekend! The malls were full of people on Friday. I was told they get semi good deals on electronics, but the stores put everything on discount. We went out for dinner Friday night and even our dinner was 25% off.

Boulevard Monsignor Romero.

Saturday night we went to El Paseo Del Carmen. This is a street in Santa Tecla, La Libertad which is lined up with restaurants, bars, shops, clubs. This happens Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays, and the street becomes pedestrians only. You can get pizza from a Beetle that was transformed into a mobile pizzeria or coffee and chocolate from a mobile art gallery. I truly enjoyed the Salvadorean ingenuity when it comes to entrepreneurship.
Some of the clubs/restaurants moved from the prestigious Zona Rosa to this area, they played lived music: Salsa and merengue being the favorites!

In November San Miguel, (another state about 2 hours away from the capital city) has its carnival. I’ve never been but I was looking at the pictures on the Sunday newspaper and I totally regretted not going. It looks like so much fun! Maybe next year I can make it to the carnival.

If you have time, I recommend you go to have lunch or dinner in La Libertad’s port. There are many restaurants next to the beach. My cousin and I had dinner there, I had ceviche, lobster (for $13) and a fig pie!

I think that’s all for now, I promise I will create another post to include more touristy places so that you all can see a little bit more of El Salvador. For now, this was just a small taste. 🙂


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