I like  to plan things well in advance, especially  trips out of the country.  For Labor day weekend, we had a trip planned to Chiapas, Southern Mexico. Its natural beauty caught my attention many years ago but I haven’t been able to make it down there.  It’s not a touristy area, hence making it the perfect candidate for a visit. But our plans were changed: my husband’s life was quickly consumed by grad school, and I got swamped at work. I felt like something was telling me that we shouldn’t go. So with the airfare already purchased and the hotel already reserved we decided to postponed the trip. I used a Mexican airline because they have good prices plus they’re a bit more flexible when it comes to changing tickets. The airline informed me that because they made a 5 minute change to our itinerary,  we were allowed to change it as we pleased and without any penalties. The hotel also allowed us to change our reservation and we even received a reimbursement for the difference in the price. That’s when I realized that this trip wasn’t meant to happen, at least not for when I had planned it for and somehow I was totally OK with that. 


Conchagua, El Salvador.

I haven’t written anything lately in the peppy life not  because we haven’t traveled but because I’ve been really busy in different areas of my life.

At work: I’ve been assigned to new projects, and along came the responsibilities, and of course the excitement of learning new things. 

At School: I am taking a creative writing class. My professor said that “to be a great writer you have to be glutton for reading” and so we read, and read and read, and afterwards we write, and write and write”. “You only improve your writing by writing more” She has insisted. Her wisdom has rigorously reverberated within me. More than ever I know that I want to continue writing.

At home:  My new favorite hobby is remodeling our home, I think there’s nothing more rewarding than transforming a house into the home of your dreams. All of 2016 we’ve been remodeling our house and let me tell you I am tired. We just finished remodeling the porch and  I AM DONE…until January 2017 that is!! LOL. 

El Espino Beach, El Salvador.

With family: My little niece was born in September. She was a premature baby, unfortunately she didn’t make it, and while other families were grilling steaks, our family was in the hospital crying the lost of Alina. She passed away exactly on Labor Day. At some point my brother commented: “And to think that you guys were going to be away”. I had totally forgotten about our vacation but I was glad to be there to give the much needed support.  In hindsight, I understood that this was the reason we canceled the trip without any major complication. The hospital was where we were supposed to be. 

Everything can irreversibly changed in a trice. Sadly, nothing is ever written in stone…such is life!


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