After breakfast, we headed out to the beach. Beach therapy was urgently needed. Arashi beach offers great snorkeling, swimming and people watching, the whole morning went by too quickly in such relaxing ambiance. On Sunday’s afternoon most of the shops at Oranjestad are closed down, but we were lucky enough to find some restaurants open to have lunch. In Oranjestad you can find many high end stores: Ralph Lauren, Prada, etc. If you’re into shopping this is the perfect place.

After lunch we headed out to Eagle beach. According to some articles I read online, this is one of the top beaches in the world. It’s a long stretch of white powdery sand with turquoise water. There are bars and restaurants right on the beach. Chairs and umbrellas are up for rent and the free wifi makes this the perfect beach to relax and watch a volleyball game while the sun goes down.



Our 4th of July celebration was at baby beach. This beach is located at the southern tip of Aruba. It’s a small bay with shallow and tranquil water, hence its name. It’s perfect for little kids. While we were driving, I noticed that most of the landscape in Aruba is arid. Plenty of cactus grow here, but I didn’t see any other type of farming, not even cows. Fruits, vegetables and other foods are brought over from Venezuela and Colombia.

Armed with our books and once in our palapa, we were ready to spent the morning relaxing on the beach. We swam, read, ate and slept. After lunch, a sudden rain let us know that it was time for us to drive back to Oranjestad. In the afternoon, we stopped at eagle beach again, this time a bit further south. The water in this beach is a bit rough, there are no big waves but rather constant small waves.



Does anybody ever get tired of the beach?? We came this far to get tired of the beach…if that’s even possible.  The temperature during this time of the year was around 85°-87° F, there’s almost no humidity and the constant sea breeze cools you down. Also the water is perfectly cold. Aruba is famous for its trade winds, this makes it the perfect place to practice sports such as wind surfing. There are schools that offer wind surfing crash courses. How fun!! Maybe next time I will give it a try.

A coworker visited Aruba last year and she told me that the food was delicious in this tiny island, boy! she wasn’t kidding. The food was delicious everywhere. The pastries were amazing. We tried coffee cake, chocolate, red velvet, passion fruit cakes, none disappointed us. In the supermarket we found dutch cream cheese with papaya, pineapple or rum. Goat cheese with honey…yum! Plus other different types of cheese.

Aruba’s nickname is “The happy island” and indeed the locals are happy and friendly, but who wouldn’t be happy living in this paradise??

Snorkeling at Catalina’s cove

Aruba has it all: friendly locals, delicious food, amazing pastries, unforgettable beaches. It is time to continue our travels and after enjoying Aruba, we were now headed to its sister island: Curacao.


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