Well, I have barely finished writing about Peru and we were packing for our next trip, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the year we will travel our hearts out!!

Aruba is  one of the famous ABCs islands: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. They are also known as the Dutch Caribbean. Located on the most southern part of the Caribbean, right off the coast of Venezuela, so in a sense we are back in South America. I would love to visit Venezuela (it’s a 40 minute flight from Aruba) But given the current situation of the country I thought it best to stay away until things stabilized. Aruba is a small island 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across. A whooping 69.02 square miles (178 sq km). My hubby was surprised to find out that 4 languages are spoken in this tiny island: Dutch, Papiamento, English and Spanish. We enjoyed the cold weather in Peru, but we were raised in tropical weather close to the beach, we’re in desperate need of the beach, sand, and the sun along with good cocktails :). Anyways, after this brief introduction let’s talk about our first day in Aruba.



After more than 4 hours flying the pilot finally announced that we arriving into the happy island and we were truly happy. The airport is small and colorful, the floor has carpet which makes it feels outdated. I don’t think I have ever seen carpet in an airport before. We got our car and we’re on the road, first business is to find a place to eat. We found a restaurant 7 minutes away from the airport, right on Surf Side beach. First impression of the beaches: paradise!!  clear water and white powdery sand and the food is super delicious!! We enjoyed the sunset from the restaurant. We ate, relax and drank right on the water.

Next stop is our hotel, so far Aruba has not disappointed us. Driving is kind of  easy although the signs and roads are a bit confusing. The speed limit signs don’t specify if they are referencing miles or kilometers but we assumed kilometers. There’s not a lot of traffic and the GPS is working perfectly. It seems like the majority of people speak Spanish either as second or third language. We heard Papiamento when we rented the car, it kind of sounds like Spanish or maybe they mixed Spanish words with Papiamento. Anyways, tomorrow will be beach day and I will tell you all about it.









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