There are three very important things that I did not mention in any of my previous posts about Peru. I didn’t get to them because there was so much to show you that I just couldn’t squeeze them in, so I decided they  ought to have their own post on the peppy life!! Those three things are: food, coffee and coca. Here we go:


I barely talked about food, how is this possible?? Specially in Peru, a country known for their unique cuisine. The food was delicious all over the country. The bread was embedded in my memory due to its amazing flavor.  Pastries were not overly sweet, they were just sweet enough.

My husband had a Hawaiian pizza ( I know, I know! Who goes to Peru and eats pizza? My husband does! He loves pizza) I asked him for a slice because while I was sitting next to him, the smell of the cheese filled my nostrils. It smelled like milk, it was real cheese!! Flavorful pizza. What else did we had in Peru? Well, we ate plenty of ceviche, I wanted to eat ceviche all the time. It was fresh and delicious. We tried Alpaca, and it was surprisingly good. The guinea pig is considered a delicacy in Peru, I did try it but didn’t like it, maybe it was the way it was prepared or maybe it was because I felt bad for such cute animals. Both of these animals have zero cholesterol. One of the pleasures that we enjoy most about traveling overseas is the food, no doubt about that.



Our second addiction is coffee. Coffee grows in highlands were the temperature is low. Cuzco is the perfect region to grow coffee.  Our first morning in Peru we were presented with a tiny pitcher and some hot water for all three of us. I didn’t understand what was going on, until my dad told me we had to make our own coffee. The tiny pitcher essentially had espresso which you could mix with the hot water and make your coffee. Never before I have seen coffee serve this way, this was something new. Peruvians don’t serve coffee like that in all places tough. In Cuzco my husband got a big mug full of coffee, he was really happy. Whichever way coffee is served is bound to be delicious. As usual we bought some pounds of coffee to enjoy at home.



There’s 200 species of coca leaves, out of which only two contain significant amounts of cocaine. That leaves South Americans with 198 species of coca leaves, and let me tell you that Coca plant grows in abundance in this part of the world. And they have found many ways to used all these coca leaves. I found coca cookies, coca tea, coca liquor, coca candy, coca, coca,  and more coca. Surprisingly, the coca tea has no caffeine. I drank about 3 cups of tea a day to combat altitude sickness, and never had problems sleeping, maybe it was because I was so tired or maybe it was the lack of oxygen…LOL!! Coca tea can be served hot or cold. 


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