People tend to avoid the capital cities, because usually they’re extremely chaotic and dangerous. That’s not our case, we like to see the capital in any country we visit. An early flight took us from Juliaca into Lima. The Spaniards nicknamed Lima the city of kings, although the true city of kings and emperors up until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors was Cuzco.

We sat quietly in the taxi on our way from the airport. Our first impressions: Lima looks like Mexico City in a smaller scale. Horrible traffic, noise coming from every direction, and overpopulation, these are the three staples of any capital city in Latin America, and Lima is not the exception.

Arriving at Miraflores was like arriving into another country. This is the most exclusive neighborhood in Lima. Situated on the cliffs next to the Pacific ocean, Miraflores is more beautiful than we were expecting. After we dropped our bags, we are headed to downtown Lima. Can’t wait to see those yellow buildings in Plaza de Armas. Lima is one of the driest cities in the world. You can see it and you can feel the dryness.

We arrived at Plaza de Armas, it is smaller than what I was expecting. We hopped on to a double decker bus that we saw here. This bus took us to the Cerro San Cristobal. This hill has a big white cross atop that can be seen from the Plaza de Armas. The bus goes up on the mountain’s edge, it is scary and as I grabbed the seat in front of me with all my strength, I began to question how I always ended up in this situations? I’ve told you before that I am a bit afraid of heights. The Germans sitting behind us started to say that they were scared as well. We safely made it to the top and back, thank God!

At around 7:00 pm we were in the magic water circuit. This is a huge park with lots of water fountains and a light show every night. We overheard in Puno, that tourists don’t know about this place in Lima and that it was totally worth it. So we decided to check it out. They have several functions at night. They used the water as a screen where different images and videos are projected. The music totally completes this show.

The following day, we woke up late and decided to visit San Isidro, another affluent area in Lima. Just like Miraflores, this beautiful area is full of shops, malls, amazing houses, and office buildings. For lunch we met up my peruvian friend in Larcomar. Larcomar is a mall right on a cliff next to the Pacific Ocean. It is an exclusive mall. You can find Banana Republic stores and the such here. Beautiful mall either way.

As this trip approaches its end, my heart is full with gratitude and joy. Let me tell you something, Machu Picchu was not in my bucket list….Machu Picchu WAS my bucket list. Everything else was an added on bonus.  We’ve enjoyed every moment in Peru, it has been an adventure.


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