Our stay at Cuzco was cut short, apparently there was going to be a major strike in Puno, and if we want to make it to Lake Titicaca we’ll have to leave a day earlier than what I had originally planned. Generally speaking,  Latin Americans are very passionate about strikes. We were told that the entire city was going to be shut down, this could be interesting to see.  This kind of contretemps don’t bug me anymore, I am the happiest of all campers.

I had arranged a tourist bus to take us from Cuzco to Puno (The route of the sun) There are several sites to see, it took us  the whole day to get to Puno but it was fun.

First stop was Andahuaylillas church nicknamed The Andean Sistine chapel. That alone should tell you that the inside is amazing. This church was built by Jesuits in 1700s.  Its restoration was completed two years ago and no pictures are allowed. I was able to snap some pictures from the outside so you can have an idea. The interior is colorful and full of motives with an Arabic influence.



The majority of the population in Checacupe speaks Quechua. We saw some ruins next to a river as well as an Incan bridge that is still maintain by the locals.


This site was a huge religious center. The Spaniards destroyed it and right next door built the church. The wall that you see on the picture below was the center wall. There’s a small market here where different kind of souvenirs are for sale.

After lunch, we made a quick stop at La Raya…this is the border between two states: Cuzco and Puno. Beautiful glaciers are located here,  they’re so close you can almost touch them. I was able to get pretty close to an Alpaca here, they’re so cute!! How can anybody eat them? Their fur is really soft.


The Puka Pukara’s inhabitants were the Pukaras, this was before the Incans arrived. Remember the little story about the  bulls on the roofs?? This town is famous for actually making these clay bulls, even the church had some bulls as decoration.  After visiting the Pukara museum, we noticed that there was a parade going in the city center of course I had to photographed it. It was the elementary & middle school parade. Each class had a different and colorful attire on.

Two hours later we have arrived at Puno, our hotel is just few blocks away from the docks. Lake Titicaca awaits for us.







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