A new batman movie came out a few weeks ago: Batman vs Superman. This new installment made me think that from all the comics my favorite is BATMAN. There are several reasons as to why I like BATMAN:   First of all, I was seduced by his dark nature: he’s never totally good or evil, he’s somewhere in the middle leaning more towards goodness. Secondly, a tragic event shapes his entire life and enables him to become BATMAN. Lastly, as a child I was attracted to all his super technological gadgets. Can you imagine yourself driving the batmobile? I certainly can!! His real talent, in my opinion lays on not only having  but perfectly managing his double life. I don’t think anybody in real life could be able to do such thing so perfectly. For me it is hilarious that he always gets tempted by all those bad girls: cat woman, poison ivy, etc.

Growing up, I watched Batman cartoons and the Mexican soap operas.  I have discussed in a previous post the popularity of soap operas in Latin America. Eventually I was bored with the soap operas, because the same story line is used over and over again: the poor beautiful girl meets the prince charming of her dreams.

The immaculate rectitude is personified by the female and male protagonists. The protagonist always forgives and forgets everything….and I mean absolutely everything. This portrayal of unrealistic goodness diminishes the complexity of the human nature, because the reality is sometimes we can’t forgive or forget. Sometimes we wish for revenge, and that desire for retaliation is just part of the human nature, it always has been and it will continue to be. Having these urges after we’ve been hurt does not make us bad human beings. Now, if this person acts on it that’s a different story.

Then there’s also the non existent redemption of the antagonists, I believe in redemption and some people do redeem themselves while others simply do not know what it means. Nobody will expect the joker to seek for his redemption, right?


I must clarify that my view of the human nature is not Calvinistic, but rather realistic based on observations and conclusions made on my own 😉 . As humans, we tend to behave a certain way and eventually and with time our behavior can change. Nobody is absolutely good or absolutely evil. The human being has many colors, we are not just darkest shade of black or pure white as the soap operas or even cartoons show.  The complexity of our human nature can be best represented with a rainbow, sometimes we are blue or white or even a whole new shade of purple. In that sense, I believe that Batman perfectly represents some of the complexity that makes us all humans.



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