I hate clutter, I really do. I’ve been enchanted by the minimalist style. My goal since last year is to have a minimalist peppy life. Reality is that getting rid of the clutter has proven to be harder than I was expecting, it’s also taken longer than I initially estimated. It is easy to get sucked into buying things you don’t really need, specially in a society where more is always better. I recently visited a friend at her house, and she had knickknacks all over the living room. So much stuff….I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t stay long. Everything was on its place but it was too much, my eyes were soaring.

When I was growing up, my grandparents refused to throw things away, their argument was that whenever you throw something two days later you will need it and now you’d have to buy it. Thanks to this excuse, there were a lot of old things in our house. I won’t say that they were hoarders because they were not. Even with all the stuff around, our house was always kept really clean and organized. My grandmother was a neat freak, She continuously repeated that she wanted to be able to find anything in the dark.On the other hand, one of my aunts got rid of anything she wasn’t using. She came to my grandparent’s home and throw away stuff and let me tell you they weren’t happy about that. I think that I’ve adopted her style later in my life.

clean house

As I already mentioned, we are in the process of removing the clutter in our peppy life. It has been a journey that has been going on for several months now…some things are difficult to get rid of, others are easier to let go. My husband and my dad make fun of me, because they know that if we’re no longer utilizing something it will get donated. So when they can’t find something the first question they’d ask is “did this get donated already?” LOL!!!


Uncluttered drawer

I did a little online research and found out several tips for un cluttering. If you’re planning to unclutter your home here are some tips that I’ve found to be really helpful.

  1. DONATE– Be happy about donating! You’re helping the planet…and giving a second life to an object you no longer use/need but that somebody else can still use.
  2. DIVIDE AND CONQUER– You won’t be able to do your entire home at once. So divide and conquer. I have taken this approach, I started by decluttering the garage. The garage alone took several days full of disaster. Then I moved on to our wet bar, and the master closet, and so on…there’s still lots to do but I am conquering it!
  3. GET RID OF JUNK MAIL AS SOON AS IT ARRIVES- As soon as we received the junk mail we go through it and out to the recycle bin. Out of the counters, out of our life. I hate how much junk mail companies sent out. NO! I do not need a cable subscription we’re pretty happy with netflix…thank you very much!!
  4. OUT OF SIGHT- Put things out of sight, if you don’t use them in some months or within a year, chances are  you don’t really need them and you can give the stuff away. I have used this tip very often, I have put things away for months, after which I have donated them because I’ve realized I don’t actually need them.
  5. SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE-If you bring an item into the house then another item must go…it’s my new rule of thumb. In any house, space is always limited we cannot continuously bring stuff into the house and just pretend the space is infinite because it is not.
  6. A NEVER ENDING PROCESS- I’ve learned that this is a never ending process, it’s constantly on-going. We have to be vigilant to not let the clutter back into our house, and we keep our eyes open for the things we no longer need, and for the stuff that can become a potential donation.
  7. SPEND LESS-In the process of uncluttering, you will learn about yourself and to be more careful with your purchases. We’re also learning to live with less, which eventually will let us enjoy more important things in life such as traveling.
  8. ENJOY- The uncluttered area/room/house is for you to enjoy!!! An uncluttered house is less stress, less anxiety, and less cleaning time. It is also much easier to find things.

Lastly, I just wanted to add that a minimalist style is hard work and it may not be for everybody.  Our house may look a little empty or like we just moved in…but we both like it and enjoy it that way 🙂




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