Whenever we travel abroad, there are three things that we always look for, and we bring over to the US. Can you guess what they are? Coffee, honey and books!

My husband and I are big time coffee lovers. Central America is a region that grows magnificent coffee. We were both introduced to coffee early on in our lives. When we traveled to a region known for their coffee we will buy a year’s supply so that we can continue to enjoy it at home.


The second item is honey. This is a big one for us, and if we have to we’ll leave behind some pounds of coffee to bring honey over. Why is that? The reason is really simple; usually we can managed to find some decent coffee. But honey in the US and for the most part is not real honey. You have to be careful and look really well. If you’re willing you can pay premium for real honey, and even then I still have my concerns that is just colored fructose, glucose or something else.

Real honey will never go bad, ever. I read an article that states that honey was found in ancient tombs in Iran. The honey was thousands of years old but it was still eatable….unbelievable! Unaltered honey will never go solid either; if you have honey on your pantry that is solid as a rock,  it is letting you know that it has been altered one way or another. I have this happened to me this before, be aware.


The best honey we tried was one we purchased over in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was $10 for a small bottle, later we regretted the fact that we did not buy more. Bees make honey out of the nectar of flowers. The nectar is a sugary juice. Well, apparently honey’s flavor depends on the flowers that the bee sucked on.  Bees are attracted by delicate and sweet scents of certain flowers. These sweet scents will transfer to the honey, but it is just a hint; in our case it was Geraniums. It was delicious! This is something new that we learned.

The last thing is books! We’re both book lovers. We’re mild bybliotaphs or at least I’d like to think we’re mild…LOL! When we travel, it’s almost mandatory to step into a bookstore. We can always find interesting tittles or authors that for one reason or another are not available in the US, even when you look online you just can’t find them. Therefore, being out of the country is a great opportunity to purchase those books. Years ago, when I used to travel more often to El Salvador, I raided the library in one of the top university in our country. If my luggage was too heavy, I left things behind but not the books, never the books.

These are the three things we usually buy when we travel. What are yours??





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