DAY 13

The 13th day of our trip was our last day and also the last day of 2015. We prepared ourselves to say goodbye to this wonderful country. We have had an experience that we won’t ever forget. I asked my husband what were the two things he enjoyed the most, his reply was: 1. The amazing food and 2. The wonderful people….I completely agreed on both answers.


The eudemonic pleasure of Costa Rica’s food has no rivals. We stuffed our faces at every single meal. After lunch, we went into food induced commas. Luckily, all the walking, hiking, and swimming, prevented us from gaining weight.  I had chicken, beef, fish, ceviche, and lamb. We enjoyed blackberry, papaya, strawberry, sour sop juices along with our meals. Let’s not forget about the coffee: liquid perfection every time. We had so many tropical fruits that I feel like we’ve gone through a serious detox. The salubrious mountain air has cleaned up our lungs. The pacific and the Atlantic oceans have renovated our souls. We’ve been redintegrated in a whole new level. Were we ready to go back to the mundane routine? Of course not!  but it is what it is.


Ticos have good manners, they are funny and charming at the same time. They often asked us where we were from, and as soon as they heard we were from El Salvador they warmly opened up to us, some people fraternally added: “oh we’re the same!”

I blogged this trip because I wanted to keep a record of it. We uncovered an amazing country. I hope all the entries help to divulgate to the world how wonderful Costa Rica really is.


Be forewarn tough that Costa Rica is expensive, I am still wondering how people can manage to survive. I asked this question to many Ticos: “How do people survived? Everything is so expensive”. Ticos always agreed that Costa Rica is over priced.

Cappuccino monkey on the ¢5,000 colones bill.

Upon arrival my husband was fascinated with Costa Rica, I think it was because of the propinquity and the resemblance to our own country; we’re so proud of what Costa Rica has done and what they’ve become. We only wish the best for all our Ticos and Ticas.


Since this was our last day in Costa Rica I wasn’t planning to do a post; but things changed drastically. We got to the airport and our flight was cancelled, the airline gave us two options: 1. Stay in San Jose and leave the following day and 2. Fly to Mexico City and fly out the next day. They were paying for hotel and food in both cases. We decided to go to Mexico City. A peripeteia of this sort won’t stress us on the final stretch of this trip. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. The funny part of all this was that we didn’t have plans for new years eve whatsoever. Plans came on their own.

20151231_105404-1San Jose’s airport full of tourist trying to leave. Vacations are over!

We arrived to Mexico city, checked into our hotel. The subway took us to the angel of independence. Fireworks and a Tigres del Norte concert were happening. We’re not fans but hey whatever! Free concert.


La Reforma, a main avenue in Mexico city was closed for traffic. Thousands of people were on the streets, and tons of police were around every corner so we felt safe.


We peacefully celebrated the end of 2015 among chinese, hindu, arabics, americans and a sea of Mexicans. After the countdown and fireworks, the concert continued but we left. Our flight was early the next morning.


2015 was an annus mirabilis, and we were fortunate enough to finished it up with a grand finale. Our hearts are filled with gratitude, and we’re looking forward to all the surprises in 2016!




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