We are on the run again. We were originally planning to visit Celeste River which is about 2 hours away from where we were staying. I read the night before that if it’s raining it’s not worth to make the trip there because the rain affects the chemical reaction in the volcanic water so you can’t appreciate the light blue color in the river. We decided to skip all together; the good thing is that it gives us a reason to come back.. We decided to drive straight to Tamarindo Beach. As we moved away from Arenal Volcano, we realized that it was a good decision to depart because the clouds and the rain had captured the mountains.



We had lunch in Liberia, luckily we found a small restaurant tucked away with typical food, and again they give us plenty of rice and beans, and 1/4 of a tortilla. It seems like Ticos don’t eat as many tortillas as we do….in fact I think this has been the only time they served us tortillas.


I ordered grilled chicken plate shown above. In the background you can see my sour sop water, it was refreshingly delicious. After lunch, we drove straight to Tamarindo. We’re impressed upon arrival, there’s tons of places to eat, drink, and a pretty beach to relax within walking distance. We saw the sunset in the beach, my husband asked me if we were in the pacific and I told him we were. He was surprised because  the pacific coast in El Salvador is violent. Pacific in Spanish means peaceful but in our country the beaches are anything but that, there are big and noisy waves. Tamarindo has the dark sand inherent to the Pacific coast. It is a small bay that looks like a half moon, with plenty of places to eat from German to Vietnamese food, even if you are not a gastronome you will enjoy all the multiple savory choices.


Tamarindo is a great place to use as a base, because as I already mentioned there are multiple hotels and restaurants for all kind of budgets and other beaches are nearby. Nightlife is plentiful with bars and clubs where the night can be dance away.


After breakfast, we decided to drive to Flamingo. This beach is about 19 km (12 mi) away from our base. The main road is good, and  the small road that takes you to Flamingo is in fair condition, but even if this was not the case it would be worth it, it is a beautiful beach. It can easily rival the beaches in Puerto Rico…as soon as I saw it my jaw dropped, I never knew the Pacific coast had such ravishing beaches, and even better Flamingo was practically empty!! We had it almost all to our selves.


Once in Flamingo and with so much natural beauty we spent the morning sipping cocktails and being lazy. I think we’re starting to become beach bums.

drinks at the beach

In the afternoon we drove to Avellana beach, which is about 13 km (8 mi) in the opposite direction from Flamingo. They offer surfing classes at this beach, I am guessing that’s why there was a lot of people here. However, I wasn’t impressed with the waves maybe in the morning they have bigger waves??. Sunsal and El Tunco in El Salvador also offered surfing lessons. We saw the sunset at Avellanas and afterwards we head back to Tamarindo.


Sides Notes-

  1. Ticos called rice and beans with different names. If rice and beans are prepared and served together they’re called either “gallo pinto” (spotted roster) or just “pinto”. If they are prepared and served separately then it is called: “casado” (married).
  2. Costa Rica, just like the rest of Latin America, loves soccer and there are countless soccer fields we have seen along our way. All are in flawless condition, even in neighborhoods that are not affluent.







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