Today is December 1st, 2015. It is the first day of the best month of the year: December. Today it should be the official start of the holiday season, however some stores started with the Christmas decoration back in September and it seems like each year the holiday season starts earlier and earlier. Up to the point where now we have something called: Christmas in July!!

I don’t like Christmas time, I stopped liking it a while back, and one of my friends mocked me  and called me “the Grinch” but I didn’t care.  I think I stopped liking this season because I was miles and miles away from the family that I had grown with, plus it’s winter and it is cold. None of the traditional foods were available, and my first Christmas dinner was nothing more than a insipid mock up of a holiday tradition. My dislike continue to grow, and it grew in direct proportion to the growing commercialization of Christmas.

My animosity has nothing to do with what it represents but everything to do with what it has become. Christmas is supposed to be a religious holiday, it’s everything but that. Most people feel obliged to  give Christmas presents to every single person that they know, some years ago I asked friends of mine to not give me gifts because that’s not what Christmas is about, the majority thought I was crazy but Christmas is a RELIGIOUS holiday, it’s a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. If we really want to celebrate his birth we should be giving gifts to the poor, to the needy, to the homeless just like Jesus taught us.

This year Starbucks created a huge controversy over their red holiday cup. Some people even said that Starbucks has launched a war on Christmas, and the so-called Christians were offended over the red cup.  Well below are the cup’s designs for the last six years, and I will appreciate it if someone could explain to me how a snowman represents the spirit of Christmas? I can’t even find any differences between the designs, I can however find one similarity….which is no one cup is really representing Christmas, cause if they were they would have a nativity scene!

red cup3

Some people refused to say Merry Christmas and they will only say: Happy Holidays, in which case they are totally deleting Jesus out of Christmas. This should be reprehensible, because there’s no holidays without Jesus. He’s the reason for the season!

My husband and I don’t even decorate the Christmas tree anymore, because again what does the Christmas tree has to do with the birth of Jesus Christ? NOTHING!! I still do my nativity scene because I feel that it truly represents Christmas. We don’t buy gifts for people, not even close family members, with the exception of my niece and my nephew.

People  are easy prey for merchants and guess what? It’s open season. Vendors are trying to sell in 20 days what they haven’t sold during the whole year. The stores have extended holidays hours, and all I can think of it’s the hapless employees that have to work those extra hours, yet they will gladly work because with the extra money they can buy Christmas gifts…..oh the vicious circle!!

Christmas has been hijacked by the same people that Jesus drove out from the temple. We all as Christians need to hijack Christmas back by rejecting its commercialization. Christmas needs to once more be the religious holiday that it was intended to be, and not the consumerist season that it has become.

Merry CHRISTmas !!!

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”






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