It is not a secret that I love to travel, particularly to Latin America…the reason? Latin America is full of colors, friendly strangers, life and flavors that are not easy to find in the good old USA. I grew up in El Salvador, a tiny country located in Central America and it’s only normal that I need to reconnect with my roots once in a while; the need to fly back to Latin America storms through the main door and I know it’s time to pack my things.


I always preferred Mayan, Aztecs or Inca ruins over any of the European countries. I think it all started with my grandmother. She has native blood, her father was a full blood native. She always embraced her blood with the same love that she embraced her father. Theresa taught all of her kids that we shouldn’t renegade of our heritage and instead we should be proud of our ancestors, of the language we once spoke and all the achievements that our predecessors made, even when the conquistadors tried to erase all of them. I assume is because of this that I am proud to have indigenous blood in me, and I have never denied it and I never will.


These civilizations exerts an inexplicable magnetism over me that attracts me just like honey attracts flies. I enjoy looking at the buildings and my imagination runs wild like a child in a toy store. I imagine these old cities in full color in all their opulence.


The precolonial civilizations in America were pretty colorful. The pyramids were painted in bright colors.  Every time I traveled to Mayan or Aztec ruins I tried to imagine how vibrant they once were and how much impact it caused to the first Spaniards that saw some of these structures in all their grandeur.


My travels will continue, I hope to one day see all the countries in this beautiful continent where I was born. I wish to see all of the ruins of the ancient civilizations that once inhabited this side of the world. I have plans for one not so far away day I can travel to every country and I hope that you my reader decides to come along on this adventure.

Until next time!!


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